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Nancy Davis Foundation’s mission is to to aid individuals who have endured trauma due to a prenatal developmental defect during pregnancy and to advocate for reproductive justice. 


The vision of the Nancy Davis Foundation is to mend broken and traumatized families from diverse backgrounds (races, ages, and beliefs). We achieve this by offering resources, mentorship, education, and financial assistiance for medical pregnancy terminations; as well as be a leader in the world of pregnancy termination reform.


The Story

The Nancy Davis Foundation was founded in response to a deeply personal and challenging experience. After Nancy Davis, the organization’s founder, was denied a medical pregnancy termination at her local hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her fiance’ and her was forced to travel nearly 1,500 miles to access the healthcare she and her family deserved. This ordeal highlighted the critical need for reform in reproductive healthcare and maternal rights, especially in regions like Louisiana, where access to reproductive services is restricted.

Nancy’s journey served as a catalyst for her to share her story and transform her pain into action. She organized rallies, testified at legislative sessions, and conducted numerous interviews with media outlets, raising awareness of the struggles women face in accessing essential healthcare. Her advocacy and determination led to the creation of the Nancy Davis Foundation. 

Thanks to Nancy’s tireless advocacy, Louisiana has expanded its list of abortion exceptions to now include Acrania. 

The Challenge

Under Louisiana law, Nancy met the qualifications for a pregnancy termination. However, the hospital declined to proceed due to concerns about potential prosecution by fedral or state authorities. No person should ever have to endure the heart-wrenching experience of carrying their baby to bury their baby. The challenge that she faced in her story was a deeply personal one. She confronted the challenge of being denied an abortion or a pregnancy termination that she had a lawful right to access. This traumatic experience was the driving force behind her determination to establish the foundation. 
Nancy’s challenge became her mission. She recognized the importance of not only addressing her own experience, but alos advocating for others who might find themselves in similar distressing situations.  The foundation was created to support families and individuals who face barriers to accessing their reproductive rights and to provide them with the assistance, care, and resources they need.
Nancy’s personal challenge turned into a powerful catalyst for change, leading to the foundation’s unwavering commitment to reproductive justice, healthcare access, and support for those in need. 

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All proceeds will go towards supporting the Nancy Davis Foundation’s mission. Your contribution will directly aid our efforts to reduce health disparities, champion reproductive justice, provide socioeconomic support, and advocate for policy change. Your support makes a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can make a profound impact on health, community, and society.