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Keegan Vicknair Larisey, M.A.

Keegan Vicknair Larisey, M.A.

I am Keegan Vicknair Larisey, M.A., and I am beyond excited to be the new Secretary of the Nancy Davis Foundation.

Not long after completing my masters in Forensic Criminology, my husband and I welcomed our 5 children in rapid succession. We have three boys ages 10, 7 & 6 followed by our twin girls who are now 4. After having so many children close in age, I found myself unable to continue working a job that required so much traveling, and resigned from my job with the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement soon after having my third child.

My husband is an LCSW who also has a masters in Healthcare Administration. He he has worked tirelessly to help his patients going through the difficulties life has thrown their way. Together, we are committed to helping others any way we can. Even though we might not always be in a position to help, we have made it our mission to never cause harm.

I was raised in Central City, a suburb of Baton Rouge, and the place where I first got to know Nancy Davis in school. Our senior year in high school I was diagnosed with cancer and treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where I learned the value of compassion and trust in health care. After treatment I received my Bachelors from Louisiana State University and then my Masters from Southeastern Louisiana University.

As a life long resident of South Louisiana, I have a tremendous amount of love and passion for all things local from food to football and everything in between. I have always been passionate about preserving the reproductive rights of women, but now that I am a mother, I cannot imagine my children growing up in state where a woman cannot legally receive necessary medical treatment.

My primary focus in working with the Nancy Davis Foundation is to restore the reproductive rights of women to terminate a pregnancy that is no longer viable without having to leave the state. I am also excited to work toward ending period poverty by helping young women get the necessary products they need to care for their feminine hygiene.

In my humble opinion, the world could use more love and compassion, both of which are strengths of mine. I plan to use my love for women’s reproductive rights and compassion for those in need to help spread knowledge about the injustices women in Louisiana currently face in a post Dobbs America.

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