Voices for Change March on Baton Rouge

We’re thrilled to share highlights from the impactful Voices for Change March that took place on January 21, 2024. Organized by the Nancy Davis Foundation, this annual event stands as a beacon of advocacy for reproductive autonomy, social justice, and equality.

Voices for Change March on Baton Rouge

Voices for Change March flyer
Voices for Change March - Nancy Davis Foundation - January 2024

📣 Event Update: Voices for Change March 2024 📣

The Nancy Davis Foundation proudly presents the Voices for Change March, a significant annual event set to take place on January 21, 2024. This march holds particular significance as it commemorates the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision shaping the landscape of reproductive rights. Starting at 1pm, individuals from Baton Rouge, surrounding areas, and across the states will march from Galvez Plaza to the Louisiana State Capitol steps. Our advocacy focuses on reproductive autonomy, restoring control of medical decisions to patients and their healthcare providers, and championing social justice and equality. 

The Nancy Davis Foundation is partnering with Senator Royce Duplesis, National Organization for Women-Baton Rouge Chapter, Women With A Vision, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, 10,000 Women Louisiana, and more to send a resounding call for positive societal shifts, unity, and the fundamental right to shape one’s reproductive choices. We will not accept unjust laws that cause doctors to fear caring for pregnant patients, because they may face outrageous fines and jail time. Pregnant people in crisis are being turned away by hospitals and clinics here in Baton Rouge and around the world; this is criminal. Politics have no place in the exam room and it’s our mission to get them out.

Event Highlights

What: Voices for Change March 2024

When: Sunday January 21, 2024

Starting Point: Galvez Plaza 238 North Blvd. (Baton Rouge)

Route: Speakers will kick off at Galvez Plaza, leading a transformative walk to the capitol steps, concluding in additional speakers. 

Speakers: Engaging and powerful talks from influential voices in the field of social justice, reproductive justice, including personal stories, advocacy, and calls for change.

Food and Art Vendors: The empowering art pieces and food vendors are integral components of the march, enhancing the overall experience and fostering a sense of unity in our shared pursuit of a better future.

Why Attend: The Voices for Change March is not merely a gathering; it’s a movement for change.  We are marching because every voice matters, and change begins with collective action. Join us as we unite, championing justice, equality, and the fundamental right to make decisions about our bodies. 

This march provides a platform for diverse voices to resonate and amplify the urgent call for justice, equality, and reproductive rights. It is a stage where stories intersect, where advocacy finds a collective voice, and where the power of unity confronts the challenges of our time. This platform transcends a singular issue; it becomes a space for intersectionality, recognizing that the fight for reproductive rights is interconnected with broader struggles for social justice, equality, and dismantling systemic injustices. In essence, the march provides a dynamic platform for change, fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and inspiring collective action to shape a more just and equitable future. Together, we contribute to a future where every individual, regardless of background, has the autonomy to shape their reproductive choices.