Planned Parenthood of Greater NY Hosts its Spring Into Action Gala

Nancy Davis, Chrissy Teigen
Planned Parenthood of Greater NY Hosted its FirstEver Spring Into Action Gala

Last night in the Meatpacking District, PPGNY hosted its inaugural in-person Spring Into Action Gala at Glass House. The ga

Last night in the Meatpacking District, PPGNY hosted its inaugural in-person Spring Into Action Gala at Glass House. The gala honored model Chrissy Teigen and actor Padma Lakshmi for their steadfast advocacy of reproductive rights. Most importantly, the evening’s celebration intended to send a clear message: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is here to provide care for patients in need. 

PPGNY was formed in 2020 when five Planned Parenthood affiliates merged, creating one of the largest PP affiliates, which will treat 150,000 patients alone this year and serves 65% of New York State. “We understand the assignment and will not back down,” said PPGNY CEO Wendy Stark. “Our movement is only strengthened in its resolve. We are unwavering, powerful, and will stop at nothing to ensure that everyone can receive healthcare to live an empowered life.”

Upon accepting the Catalyst of Change Award, honoree Chrissy Teigen cited her use of social media to share her own experiences with IVF, breastfeeding, and her struggles with pregnancy loss. “Living in a world where you do not have control over your own body is not normal. But do you know what is normal? Abortion is normal,” she told Vogue.Teigen went on to recall the emergency care that she received in 2020, when she required medical intervention in the 20th week of her pregnancy. “Not one doctor or a nurse called [my pregnancy loss care] an abortion. The word ‘abortion’ was never uttered. But I’ve learned to live in my truth to boldly reclaim my right and all of our rights to an abortion. We cannot be afraid to say the word.”

Guests arrived at Glass House and were greeted by an assortment of specialty cocktails and vegan passed canapés while enjoying the magnificent cityscape view showcased by the floor-to-ceiling windows. As the call to dinner began, host Irene Tu led attendees through the program, injecting comedic relief before introducing each speaker. Partygoers included Lily Allen, Senator Chuck Schumer, Sandra Bernhard, Hannah Bronfman, Nell Diamond, and more. 

Upon accepting the Champion of Change award, honoree Padma Lakshmi shared her story of living undiagnosed with Endometriosis for 23 years. “To be honest, I can’t believe we’re still here tonight, still fighting for the same issue that my mother’s generation fought for, and even people before her have been fighting for, since the dawn of time,” said Lakshmi. “Fighting for autonomy: The right to choose what happens to our own bodies. It seems so simple, right? It’s the freedom to shape our destinies medically and otherwise. It’s the ability to decide what’s best for ourselves. For no other reason than that is our decision to make.”

Nancy Davis Chrissy TeigenNeil Rasmus/BFA.com1/9Nancy Davis, Chrissy Teigen

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Chuck SchummerNeil Rasmus/BFA.com8/9Chuck Schummer

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